Real estate Wunderlich for your property in Venice.


Who are you dealing with?

With me, Sybilla Wunderlich, a certified real estate agent with extensive experience gained in a large real estate company.

Why Venice of all places?

After many visits to Venice as a tourist and after having seen most of the many sights I gradually started feeling like living as a real Venecian at least for a while. I wanted to immerse myself into this place of miracles, to feel as close as possible to the spirit of great artists like Giovanni Bellini and Tizian, like Tintoretto and Tiepolo, Canaletto and Carpaccio day by day. While drifting through the alleys of Venice I yearned for encountering the aura of the history oft  powerful Doges and  successful merchants from all over the world.
Perhaps you may also happen to meet personages of our time like Donna Leon and commissario Brunetti or George Clooney with his  wife Amasl, who got married in Venice not too long ago

Do you know the strongest „power spot“ -  my favourite square in Venice? Or the roof garden  of Brunetti in the  TV crime stories. Or the five star hotel of George Clooney?

I shall give you the answers once we meet personally.

I was able to enjoy half a year of leisure time in Venice and during this period I met my German partner  Ms. Christine Faber. She started living in Venice almost 20 years ago and got married to a „real“ Venecian. This, I think, is  the best  starting point to become an insider and to be able to provide our real estate clients with hints and information.

Yours contacts for real estate in Venice.

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Immobilienkauffrau Sybilla Wunderlich

Management | Real estate businesswoman

Sybilla Wunderlich
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Christine Farber | Verkauf für Immobilien

Business partner for real estate in Venice

Christine Farber
Cannaregio 5501
I - 30121 Venedig

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Mobile +49 (0) 151 28 08 57 84

Herr Uwe Wunderlich | Fotograf

The man on my side and our photographer

Uwe Wunderlich
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D-83259 Schleching

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