Terms and Conditions

1.Disclosure of information to third parties

The disclosure of information to any other person is prohibited without the written consent of Immobilien Wunderlich. The agent Sybilla Wunderlich is also entitled to a commission fee if, contrary to this prohibition, information is improperly passed to a third party and that third party completes the sales contract without the involvement of the agent.

2. Prior knowledge
If the property I offer should already be known to the recipient, I should be immediately informed of this knowledge and its documented source, within no more than five working days. If a client does not communicate such prior knowledge, or fails to do so within the prescribed time limit, he becomes liable to Immobilien Wunderlich for any resultant losses.

3. Company Liability
Immobilien Wunderlich points out that the obligation to verify the owner's sales particulars prior to the completion of the contract rests with the buyer himself. Immobilien Wunderlich is not liable for the accuracy of the information contained in the sales particulars. The property representation in the sales particulars is prepared for information purposes to illustrate the property and to describe it in more detail. This serves only to enable the recipient to decide whether he is fundamentally interested in the property. The sales particulars are thus only intended for the recipient, and to serve the aforementioned purpose. Disclosure of information to third parties is prohibited without permission from Immobilien Wunderlich. Publication, dissemination or reproduction of information is similarly prohibited.

4. Limitations of Liability
Immobilien Wunderlich's liability is limited to gross negligence or intentional behaviour. This does not include injury to life, body or health.

5. Disclaimer
Immobilien Wunderlich assumes no responsibility for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided.
All listed offers are non-binding. Immobilien Wunderlich reserves the right to change part, or all, of the entire listed offer without prior notice, and to add to, delete or cease publication temporarily or permanently.
We have no control over the listed links to external websites and cannot take any responsibility for their contents. The respective provider or operator of each of these websites is responsible for such content.

6. Commission
For the proving or negotiation of contract opportunities – even outside the Federal Republic of Germany – Immobilien Wunderlich receives a commission of three percent plus the VAT applicable in the Federal Republic of Germany, this currently produces a total commission of 3.57 percent.
The buyer is obliged to inform Immobilien Wunderlich immediately about the scheduling of a notary contract, as well as the completion of a notarial contract and the actual amount of the purchase price. In addition, a copy of the contract with all collateral agreements must be forwarded. If direct negotiations with the owner are included, then Immobilien Wunderlich must be informed of the relevant details in writing without delay.
If there are several buyers, each buyer will be individually liable for the entire commission claim. Commission is also due if, instead of the receiver of the sales particulars, a third party enters into the notary contract and our estate-agent's services are then deployed on behalf of that third party. The outward appearance of this situation is proof enough if there is no evidence available to the contrary.

7. Due date of agent's commission
Commission is earned on completion of the notary contract and becomes payable immediately. The same applies to the completion of the notary contract with different content if the commercial identity of the contract is maintained.
Commission on subsequent cancellation of the sale contract.
The commission entitlement of the agent, Sybilla Wunderlich, will not lapse if the proven or negotiated contract is subsequently cancelled, reversed, or cancelled by mutual consent.

8. Dual agency
Immobilien Wunderlich is also entitled – in return for payment – to act for the other contractual party.

9. Jurisdiction
If the contracting client is a merchant within the meaning of the German Commercial Code (HGB), then the court of jurisdiction will be in Traunstein.

10. Copyright
The copyright of the texts and photos on this website, sales particulars, letters, and e-mails remains with Sybilla Wunderlich. Any reproduction or use in other electronic or printed publications is NOT permitted without written permission from Sybilla Wunderlich.

11. Data Protection
If the opportunity for the input of personal or business data is used, then this data is voluntarily disclosed by the user. The data will be treated as confidential and will not be used for other purposes.

12. Written format
Contractual amendments and supplements are only effective in written form. 

13. Final Provision
Mediation will be governed exclusively by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The usage and exploitation of the information and services of Immobilien Wunderlich confirms knowledge of these terms and conditions, and acknowledges their validity and implementation.